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Looking for unlimited storage ? HTML5 Ajax Web Interface ? Unlimited filters, tags, and much much more ?

Well, um, that’s not here, but what I can offer you is this : classic text based email, with SPAM / Virus filtering, no POP / SMTP access and a very 1990s web interface if you’re that way inclined.

Is it encrypted and safe you might ask, well, yes to an extent. External to the BBS (and back the other way) is TLS encrypted, but the SysOp has access to everything on the system, including mailboxes. A tool from the good old days when times were simpler, but I don’t actually use it unless I’m compelled by the state (of France).

Does this mean it’s unsafe or unprivate ? No not really, I don’t harvest the system to sell to advertisers. But on the same note, I don’t send anything confidental from here either (but you’re more than welcome to GPG/PGP encrypt your emails should you wish to).

If you’re a SPAMMER, bad news, the outbound mail server is SPAM filtered 😀

If you want to activate your email account, just sign up and follow the validation instructions. Easy !